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Ar. Sharda Sharma, a highly experienced architect and Vastu consultant, at Architects Consortium Mohali, with over 30 years of expertise in creating harmonious living and working spaces. Unlike many Vastu consultants, she combines her deep knowledge of Vastu Shastra with a strong technical background in architecture and engineering. This unique blend ensures that the solutions she offers are not only spiritually enriching but also technically sound and practically feasible. Her comprehensive approach addresses both the aesthetic and structural challenges, providing you with the most relevant and effective Vastu solutions for your environment.

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At Architects Consortium we understand that effective Vastu solutions must align with both spiritual principles and practical realities. Ar. Sharda Sharma senior Vastu Consultant’s comprehensive approach addresses both the aesthetic and structural challenges, providing you with the most relevant and effective Vastu solutions for your environment. Here’s why her technical expertise makes a difference:

1. Structural Integrity:

Example: A non-technical consultant might suggest removing a load-bearing wall to improve energy flow, which could compromise the building’s structural integrity. We would recognize the impracticality of this suggestion and offer alternatives, such as using mirrors or specific color schemes to enhance energy flow without altering the structure.

2. Practical Design:

Example: In an office space, a non-technical consultant might recommend moving the main entrance to a different wall for better Vastu alignment, resulting in significant disruption and expense. We would instead propose rearranging the layout within the existing structure, such as repositioning desks and adding partitions to optimize the flow of energy and maintain operational efficiency.

3. Cost-Effective Solutions:

Example: For a residential setting, a non-technical consultant might suggest an expensive renovation like adding new rooms or extensions to balance the space. We could recommend more cost-effective solutions, such as adjusting the placement of furniture, incorporating specific plants, or using Vastu-compliant artifacts to achieve the desired balance.

4. Compliance with Building Codes:

Example: A non-technical consultant might suggest modifications that don’t comply with local building codes, such as adding windows in non-permissible areas. We would ensure that all Vastu recommendations comply with relevant building codes and regulations, avoiding legal issues and ensuring safety. For instance, we might suggest installing skylights or using reflective surfaces to increase natural light without violating codes.

5. Holistic Approach:

Example: When addressing poor ventilation, a non-technical consultant might overlook practical solutions and focus solely on traditional Vastu remedies. We would integrate Vastu principles with practical design solutions, such as recommending the installation of energy-efficient ventilation systems or strategically placed windows to improve both air quality and energy flow.


Choosing a Vastu consultant without technical expertise in architecture or engineering can lead to impractical and costly recommendations. Non-technical consultants might:
1. Overlook Critical Structural Considerations:
Example: Suggesting the removal of a column that supports the roof, risking structural collapse.
2. Suggest Impractical Solutions:
Example: Recommending changes that require extensive demolition and reconstruction, disrupting daily life and causing delays.
3. Incur Unnecessary Costs:
Example: Advising the installation of costly features like fountains or pools without considering existing plumbing and structural feasibility.
4. Fail to Comply with Building Codes:
Example: Proposing additions or modifications that don’t meet safety standards, potentially leading to fines or the need for further corrective work.
5. Ignore Practical Design Aspects:
Example: Advising layout changes that reduce functionality, such as placing a kitchen far from the dining area, resulting in inconvenience and inefficiency.

Best Vastu Consultant-Architect in Mohali



Residential Vastu Architects in Mohali

Personalised Vastu solutions for your home.
Personalised Vastu solutions for your home involve tailored recommendations. These are based on the unique layout, structure, and energy flow of your living space. These solutions are designed to enhance harmony, balance, and positive energy in your home, addressing specific needs and challenges to create a supportive and nurturing environment.


Commercial vastu architects in mohali

Optimize your business space for success.
Optimizing your business space for success involves implementing Vastu principles to enhance the flow of positive energy, productivity, and prosperity within your workplace. By strategically arranging elements such as workstations, entrances, and common areas, Vastu solutions can create a harmonious environment that supports efficiency, reduces stress, and fosters a positive atmosphere.


Vastu Remedies Best Architects in Mohali

Effective remedies to correct Vastu defects.
Our proficient Vastu services specialize in implementing effective remedies to rectify Vastu defects, ensuring balanced and harmonious living environments. With meticulous attention to detail, we provide tailored solutions for correcting Vastu defects, optimizing the flow of positive energy within your space. Experience the transformative impact of our Vastu expertise as we efficiently address and remedy Vastu defects.


online vastu consultants mohali

Expert advice from the comfort of your home.
Our online Vastu consultation service offers solutions tailored to your unique needs, no matter where you are. Our online Vastu consultants provide thorough assessments and personalized recommendations promptly and effectively. With our online Vastu consultation, you can access expert guidance and remedies swiftly.

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